NS0 Batch Cell Culture Process Characterization: A Case Study

by Brian Kearns, David Lindsay, Matthew Manahan, John McDowall, and Dennis Rendeiro
Volume 2, Issue 1 (January/February 2003)

The characterization of a batch cell culture process to produce a monoclonal antibody from a GS-NS0 mouse myeloma cell line is described. Productivity and cellular metabolism were monitored during scale-up to both characterize the process and aid in assessing cell culture stability. During fermentation scale-up studies, it was found that as culture generation number increased, productivity declined. In both flask and bioreactor cultures, declining production started abruptly at approximately generation 60. In this study, we assessed whether the decline in productivity was due to genetic instability of the cell line, which resulted in the generation of a non-producer sub-population, or a shift to a less productive state of cellular metabolism…

Kearns BG, Lindsay D, Manahan M, McDowall J, Rendeiro D. NS0 Batch Cell Culture Process Characterization: A Case Study. BioProcess J, 2003; 2(1): 52-57.