Low-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Using the EcoPrimeĀ® With Enhanced Buffer In-Line Dilution

ByĀ Mary Jo Wojtusik, PhD and Kurt Willner
Volume 15, Issue 3 (Fall 2016)

Chromatography and buffer in-line dilution (BID) are integrated on the same low-pressure liquid chromatography (LPLC) system combining two unit operations into a single, space-saving platform. The EcoPrimeā€™s BID option will significantly reduce buffer storage and lower operating expenses associated with buffer preparation…

Wojtusik MJ, Willner K. Low-pressure liquid chromatography using the EcoPrimeĀ® with enhanced buffer in-line dilution. BioProcess J, 2016; 15(3): 14ā€“9. 

Posted online November 15, 2016.