Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: Maintaining the Cold Chain Throughout the Process

by Sue Brown, Bart Croonenborghs, PhD, Kevin Head, Mara Senescu, Raymond Nims, PhD, Mark Plavsic, PhD, DVM, and Rosemary J. Versteegen, PhD
Volume 17, Open Access (January 2018)

This paper reviews the importance of maintaining low temperature storage and handling (i.e., cold chain) for animal serum through all stages of processing, from finished product to the actual end-user. This cold chain extends from serum manufacture through the irradiation process, during shipment back to the supplier post-irradiation, as well as storage at supplier, irradiation, and end-user facilities. Anecdotal experience and theoretical considerations emphasize the point that maintenance of the cold chain is necessary for preserving the performance of serum for cell culture and other applications…

Brown S, Croonenborghs B, Head K, Senescu M, Nims R, Plavsic M, Versteegen RJ. Gamma irradiation of animal serum: maintaining the cold chain throughout the process. BioProcess J, 2018; 17.

Posted online January 17, 2018.