Separation of Empty and Full Adeno-Associated Virus Capsids from a Weak Anion Exchanger by Elution with an Ascending pH Gradient at Low Ionic Strength

By Pete Gagnon, BlaŇĺ Goričar, Sara Drmota Prebil, Hana Jug, Maja Leskovec, and AleŇ° ҆trancar
Volume 20, Open Access (Oct 2021)

Separation of empty and full AAV8 capsids was achieved during their elution from a weak anion exchanger with an ascending pH gradient at low conductivity. Experimental data suggest elution was mediated by loss of positive charge from the exchanger. The method produced a full capsid peak with fewer empty capsids than elution of a strong anion exchanger with a salt gradient. Elution of the weak exchanger by sodium chloride gradients or by pH gradients in the presence of sodium chloride gave inferior separation performance. Pre-elution of empty capsids with a pH step allowed full capsids to be eluted by salt without compromising separation. Loading at intermediate pH prevented empty capsid binding and enabled step elution of full capsids in a physiological buffer environment.

Gagnon P, Goričar B, Drmota Prebil S, Jug H, Leskovec M, ҆trancar A. Separation of empty and full adeno-associated virus capsids from a weak anion exchanger by elution with an ascending pH gradient at low ionic strength. BioProcess J, 2021; 20.

Posted online October 11, 2021.