Fetal Bovine Serum – Country of Origin, Geographic Relevance, and Labeling

by Percy W. Hawkes, Ole Bødtker Nielsen, and Marc Wintgens
Volume 18, Open Access (Aug 2019)

With an ever-increasing number of countries involved in the collection, processing and marketing of serum, it is necessary to understand the relevance and rules relating to geographic region of origin. This article reviews and discusses the safety and quality of FBS, rules of origin, consumer market-motivated misinformation, and how mislabeled serum can be detected. The article concludes that high-quality serum needed for scientific research and biopharmaceutical products can originate from any country, as long as it is collected, imported, and processed following all the applicable regulatory and industry requirements…

Hawkes P, Nielsen OB, Wintgens M. Fetal bovine serum – country of origin, geographic relevance, and labeling. BioProcess J, 2019; 18. https://doi.org/10.12665/J18OA.Hawkes.0819

Posted online Aug 28, 2019.