Intellectual Property “Must Dos” For Technology Companies

by David L. Parker, PhD, JD
Volume 3, Issue 5 (September/October 2004)

From an intellectual property (IP) standpoint, probably the two biggest problems I encounter in my practice for early-to-middle stage technology companies are: (1) their failure to fully understand and keep abreast of the competitive intellectual property environment , and (2) their failure to institute procedures that will permit and encourage development of a strategic intellectual property portfolio. By “strategic,” I mean an intellectual property portfolio that focuses on both an offensive and defensive position — a portfolio that not only covers the product and all aspects of its manufacture, production, and applications (defensive portfolio development), but also provides significant blocking positions with respect to competitors’ efforts…

Parker DL. Intellectual Property “Must Dos” For Technology Companies. BioProcess J, 2004; 3(5): 31-34.