Virotherapy Process Optimization

by Michael Artinger, PhD
Volume 14, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)

An emerging application of viruses involves engineering them to treat diseases using a number of approaches. Broadly defined under the “virotherapy” umbrella, these include viral vectors used for gene therapy, oncolytic viruses, and viral immunotherapy. Although a majority of these products are in various stages of clinical development, the diversity of the therapeutic targets and wealth of future opportunities is encouraging. A significant challenge, as it is for any virus-based technology, is gaining a clear picture of the quality of a sample at any given point—from early research and development through manufacturing and product release. Of prime concern is the quantification of viruses, which in the past, has relied on slow, labor-intensive, subjective methods such as plaque titer assays and electron microscopic imaging. However, the diversity of new viral technologies now being used as the basis for innovative drugs and vaccines requires advanced, sophisticated analytical systems. In this white paper, we discuss how the real-time enumeration of viruses made possible by the ViroCyt® Virus Counter® 3100 can significantly enhance the pace of virotherapy product development...

Artinger M. Virotherapy process optimization. BioProcess J, 2015; 14(1): 26–9.

Posted online May 1, 2015.