Rapid Manufacture and Release of a GMP Batch of Zaire Ebolavirus Glycoprotein Vaccine Made Using Recombinant Baculovirus-Sf9 Insect Cell Culture Technology

by Timothy J. Hahn, PhD et al.
Volume 14, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)

For the ongoing 2014 Ebola virus outbreak, all viable options and technologies need to be evaluated as potential countermeasures to address this emerging biological threat. Novavax, Inc. has a rapid, practical vaccine development and manufacturing platform with the capability to deliver clinical trial material and, ultimately, commercial doses in response to novel infectious disease agents. This report describes the application of our platform technology for the successful generation, manufacture, and release of a clinical batch of Zaire ebolavirus glycoprotein nanoparticle vaccine three months from project initiation...

Hahn TJ et al. Rapid manufacture and release of a GMP batch of Zaire ebolavirus glycoprotein vaccine made using recombinant baculovirus-Sf9 insect cell culture technology. BioProcess J, 2015; 14(1): 6–14. http://dx.doi.org/10.12665/J141.Hahn.

Posted online February 10, 2015.