Development of a Stable Adenoviral Vector Formulation

by Diana K. Hoganson, Julie C. Ma, Lara Asato, Mike Ong, Marie A. Printz, Bernard G. Huyghe, Barbara A. Sosnowski, PhD, and Mark J. D'Andrea
Volume 1, Issue 1 (March 2002)

A formulation for purified adenoviral vectors was developed that provides stability through freeze-thaw stress and long-term storage at non-frozen temperatures. To evaluate the various test conditions, a panel of stability indicating methods was assembled, which included laser light scattering, HPLC, and transgene expression assays. Preformulation studies were conducted, and the effects of buffer species, pH, cryoprotectants, and salts upon adenoviral vector stability were determined...

Hoganson DK, Ma JC, Asato L, Ong M, Printz MA, Huyghe BG, Sosnowski BA, D'Andrea MJ. Development of a Stable Adenoviral Vector Formulation. BioProcess J, 2002; 1(1): 43-48.