Signaling Substances Used in Plant Defense: HPLC-MS/MS Analysis of Jasmonates

by Tim Iven, Kirstin Feussner, Cornelia Herrfurth, and Elmar Herbig
Volume 14, Issue 4 (Winter 2015/2016)

Plants must be capable of responding to climatic fluctuations, diurnal rhythms, available supplies of water and nutrients, and insect attacks and infestations. To ensure such responses, plants need a network of regulating substances called phytohormones. These substances enable plants to respond to both biotic and abiotic stresses by initiating a cascade of orchestrated actions, and to trigger development-specific processes. In this article, we will discuss a highly sensitive analytical method for quantitative determination of phytohormones. The main representatives of the plant hormones are jasmonic acid (JA), cytokines, auxins, abscisic acid, salicylic acid, gibberellins, and strigolactones...

Iven T, Feussner K, Herrfurth C, Herbig E. Signaling substances used in plant defense: HPLC-MS/MS analysis of jasmonates. BioProcess J, 2016; 14(4): 56–61.

Posted online January 12, 2016.