Production of Kojic Acid by Aerobic Aspergillus Fermentation

by Sudarshan Lakhawat, Jignesh Chaudhary, and Amrendra Nath Pathak
Volume 13, Issue 3 (Fall 2014)

Kojic acid is produced industrially by the Aspergillus species using aerobic fermentation processes. Kojic acid has applications in several fields such as the pharmaceutical, food production, cosmetics and dermatology, agriculture, and chemical industries. The production of kojic acid is greatly increasing, based on the demands of these industries, and studies focused on improved processes are ongoing. This article will discuss the methods written about by various members of the scientific community.

Lakhawat S, Chaudhary J, Pathak AN. Production of kojic acid by aerobic Aspergillus fermentation. BioProcess J, 2014; 13(3): 62–9.

Posted online October 13, 2014.