Optimising Vaccine Process Scale-Up of Attachment-Dependent Cells Using Micro Bioreactors and Microcarriers

by Barney Zoro, PhD
Volume 13, Issue 2 (Summer 2014)

The trend for increased vaccine production is being driven by the requirement to produce affordable prophylactic vaccines for use in emerging markets, and also for newer types of therapeutic vaccines to treat an ever-increasing array of diseases such as cancer. These drivers, coupled with the current need to produce vaccines rapidly for pandemic threats and seasonal influenza prevention, has lead to the investigation of rapid method development for optimising the scale-up of cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes...

Zoro B. Optimising vaccine process scale-up of attachment-dependent cells using micro bioreactors and microcarriers. BioProcess J, 2014; 13(2): 41–5. http://dx.doi.org/10.12665/J132.Zoro.

Posted online July 10, 2014.