Fetal Bovine Serum: The Impact of Geography

by William Siegel and Leland Foster, PhD
Volume 12, Issue 3 (Fall 2013)

Misunderstandings persist regarding geographic origin when sourcing fetal bovine serum (FBS), particularly as it affects quality and cost. This brief communication provides an overview of FBS and sourcing considerations, and direction to resources for further research on related questions. A key concept in evaluating quality in animal-derived raw material is that it is impossible to fundamentally improve the quality by means of any processing. Quality must begin at the source. The importance of geographic origin in suitability assessment is too often overlooked. Global geographic incidence of bovine disease or adventitious agents presents an opportunity for risk management by selecting material from geographic areas with the most limited disease/agent profiles...

Siegel W, Foster L. Fetal Bovine Serum: The Impact of Geography. BioProcess J, 2013; 12(3): 28-30.

Posted online September 30, 2013.