A Contaminant in the Adenovirus Reference Material

by Gary Vellekamp, PhD, Sundari Ravindran, Mei Lin, Victoria Sluzky, and Elisabeth Lehmberg
Volume 1, Issue 3 (Fall 2002)

The Adenovirus Reference Material (ARM) is a purified and well-characterized wild type adenovirus (Ad5) now available to researchers worldwide. Due to the need for a common reference material, the ARM was produced with the purpose of validating assay methods and internal standards for use in developing recombinant adenovirus for gene therapy. Analysis of ARM by RP-HPLC, however, detected the presence of a contaminant peak with a distinctive A240 local wavelength maximum. The contaminant was found in all of the vials, with some variability in amount between vials. It appears that the contaminant is not associated with the virus and it is unlikely that it will interfere with the use of the ARM as a reference material. The source of the contaminant was probably a leachate or plasticizer from the tubing or containers used during the final processing step...

Vellekamp G, Ravindran S, Lin M, Sluzky V, Lehmberg E. A Contaminant in the Adenovirus Reference Material. BioProcess J, 2002; 1(3): 57-61.