Vero Cells in Vaccine Production

by Jonathan H. Morgan, PhD
Volume 6, Issue 3 (Fall 2007)

The Vero cell line is one of the most widely used continuous cell lines in the world, cited in over 10,000 publications. Though originally developed as a host for viral replication, uses for this highly adaptable cell line have expanded far beyond the research laboratory to include diagnostic practices in hospitals, epidemiological surveys, in vitro fertilization clinics, bacterial toxin assays, and vaccine production. ATCC has played a pivotal role in this expansion by distributing the Vero cell line, ATCC® CCL-81™, to the worldwide scientific research community. Recently, ATCC developed a fully-characterized master cell bank of Vero cells prepared under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) conditions (ATCC® CCL-81.4™). This report traces the history of the Vero cell line from its origins in the laboratory of Dr. Yosihiro Yasumura to its use as a continuous cell substrate for vaccine manufacturing…

Morgan JH. Vero Cells in Vaccine Production.
BioProcess J, 2007; 6(3): 12-17.